Popular Phillies Blogger Literally Starving For Some Phillies Runs

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The Phillies inability to score runs against the Mets (or, let's face it, just about any team) has caused one fan blogger to go on an ill-advised hunger strike. Mike Meech, of the popular fan blog The Fightins and a close friend of Walkoff Walk, has vowed since early Wednesday to not ingest a single foodstuff until his Phillies score another run. And after getting shut out three times in a row for the just the second time in history against the Mets, his outlook looks grim.

In a series of events that would make Tim Kurkjian spontaneously combust out of dorky glee, the Phillies have become the first defending league champ to get shut out in a three-game series. They've only scored three runs in their last five games and even that three-run mini outburst came in the ninth inning of an 8-3 Sunday loss to the Red Sox. Merely an afterthought.

Since Rockies manager Jim Tracy accuse the Phillies of stealing signs back on May 12th, the Phillies have scored just 3.85 runs per game. That's 50 runs in 13 games, compared to 177 in their previous 33 contests, which corresponds to a whopping 5.36 runs per game. Coincidence? I have no idea.

Meech is headed down to the Jersey Shore this weekend and desperately needs the Phillies to score so he can put the kibosh on this wacky stunt, lest he miss out on his chance to enjoy the popular South Jersey pizza joint Mack and Manco's (motto: fattening sunburnt Philadelphians since 1956). The situation is dire, too. This is a before photo of our man Meech and here's an after picture. Yeah, it's pretty serious.

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Ghandi was a Giants fan?

Bragging blogger blurts barren belly boast, bites bupkis


Hey, remember when Rolling Stone did its top 100 singers of all time and Chris Cornell wasn't on it? Yeah, that was awesome.


But Phony, you haven't heard the notes Mick Jagger can hit while Jan Wenner is giving him a rusty trombone.

That's not even beginning to describe what goes on between Jan Wenner and Thom Yorke...

I ICED my bro last night at softball http://tinypic.com/r/17sln8/6 and then we scored a lot of runs. Maybe someone in Philly needs to get some ICE

By the way, Sam's Pizza in Wildwood is approximately 500 million times better than Mack's.

Gee-Gee's in Manasquan. I win.

Sons of Pitches is a FANTASTIC softball team name.

I wish I could say I came up with it. Another team in our league is "Booze on First?" I thought that was a good one too.

Move over Jeter. Morneau is the real Captian


So when do the Brewers stop scoring runs? Everyone knows that Prince "Quarter Pounder, oh wait, side salad with low cal ranch" Fielder needs to lose some weight.

I don't think the Phillies are ever going to score again.

Well, I guess Meech can eat again. Damn those Phillies, damn them.


My Twitter feed exploded when the Phillies scored that run. It's times like these when the internet is a truly amazing thing.

So does Meech eat a burger cooked on a George Foreman grill? Literalism?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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