Possibly Your Average St. Louis Cardinals Fan

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Be sure to check out the dude's website, which appears to have been created in 1996.

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Amazing that even with ALL THAT gut space he still had to scramble to squeeze in the .com

Who started their website first? Will Leitch or his dad, pictured here.

Here's a picture of his dream girl.


@The Colonel, defend your fan base!

I was going to make fun of him for his section 501 tickets but I checked it out and other than the fact you have to sit in bleachers those seats aren't too bad

That is one remarkable farmer's tan.

I can't defend it. All I can do is post pictures of other teams fans.


@The Colonel, I knew what the picture was going to be before I clicked that link.

I hope those are prenatal vitamins he's taking.

Someday take the time to sit in the bleachers.
Better yet, don't. I like the bleachers the way they are.. without you!

You're just jealous of my physique, talent & originality.

also, feel free to visit:


I gonna keep doing what I do.
But thanks for the plug!

USA Today did a documentary on me during the 2006 World Series.

We're not all like him. Some of us actually have some pride, despite being Cardinals fans.
And @BCTF- the bleacher seats are actually quite nice. I sat in them on my last trip to the STL.

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