Rickie Weeks Walks His Way to Shrimp: Brewers Win on Walkoff Walk

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Rickie Weeks is a patient fellow! Kid walked THRICE today including the game-winning bases-loaded walk in the tenth inning that helped the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Houston Astros by the score of 4-3. With a full count and two outs and following pinch-hitter Randy Wolf (thanks to a depleted Brewers bench), Weeks drew ball four from a beleaguered Matt Lindstrom who had already blew the save in the ninth.

Just like that, we've got ourselves yet ANOTHER shrimp sighting in the 2010 season. Keep 'em coming, relief pitchers with control issues!

This one's for all the oil-covered shrimp down there in the Gulf.

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Beer battered Shrimp!!!


Don't say "oil-covered shrimp," say "commodity encrusted shrimp."

You should do the strike through thingie on "a depleted Brewers bench" and replace it with "an idiotic Ken Macha".

Other than that: Mil-walk-ee!

According to outgoing Senator Dodd the oil spill was George Bush's fault. Thank god, I was looking for someone to blame.

Don't show this to Meech. Poor fella might start licking his monitor if the Phils don't score a run tonight.

Get your politicking out of my shrimp thread. WE ARE HERE TO CELEBRATE NOT TO HATE

Sorry Rob

30 minutes ago I met Tad Kubler, who was wearing a Brewers shirt. (the old logo)

COINCIDENCEE? I think not!

Alls I know is, when I get a haircut this weekend, I'm definitely going to flush the clippings in the toilet so they eventually float down the Mississippi and end up in the Gulf to sop up that mess. I might even shave my junk and flush that too...you know, for the turtles, crabs, crabs little baby seahorses and such-and-such.

Love the guy in the jorts in the background.

Would you like some Wiss-cahn-sin cheese with your SHRIMP?!

Weeks Works Walk in Waukee's Win on Walkoff Walk.

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