Rinku and Dinesh Visit the White House and Meet Kumar (Obama, Too)

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Earlier this week, our intrepid Indian pitching heroes Rinku and Dinesh did something that very few professional baseball players are ever privy to do: they met actor Kal Penn in front of a Washington D.C.-area Whole Foods!

Yes, that Kal Penn, star of the hilarious Harold & Kumar stoner movie series. Remember that time they tried to go to White Castle but they ran into Neil Patrick Harris? That's Kris Liakos' favorite scene in a movie, ever.

This was just the conclusion to a wild, wacky and long weekend for the duo, on a break from their extended spring training in Pirate City. On Sunday, they arrived in D.C. for a delicious Indian meal and then hit the town for a post-meal walk:

After dinner, we getting lost going hotel and we walking at White House by accident. We thinking first that this hotel, but Lisa maam telling us White House where President Obama living. this very big house, so we thinking President Obama very rich, but JB sir telling us he not getting keeping house when he not president anymore.

Foreshadowing! Sounds like JB Sir is ready to evict Barry and he'll be supporting Palin/Schilling in 2012.


The next day, Rinku and Dinesh attended a gala affair at that very same place in honor of the White House's Heritage Month. Over 150 luminaries, diplomats, and celebs from Asia and the Pacific Islands were invited to attend. And yes, they met President Barack Obama and even brought him a customized Pirates jersey.

Shame that the Secret Service had to confiscate the jersey at the gate and destroy it immediately because it was a security threat (read: they didn't want the President to catch any of that loser Pirates mojo).

Rinku and Dinesh also met Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Representative Mike Honda (D - CA), and, later that night, international soccer sooper-star Ronaldinho. I wonder if Congresscritter Mike getting Rinku's dad a new truck, perhaps a nice Ridgeline.

Finally, they had breakfast with Kal Penn yesterday morning and discussed his current film project, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, that will begin filming next month. I can only hope that Penn offered them cameo roles as wacky, pot-smoking cricket players.

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How bad is it that when I read "Indian pitching heroes" I automatically thought they had been traded to Cleveland?

Max, pitching heroes are only ever traded FROM Cleveland.

Kal Penn is also the Associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, which means... (wiki wiki wiki) "His role was said to include outreach to the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and the arts community."

So an already wealthy and famous dude is now being paid to do more or less nothing in DC. ALERT THE MEDIA

GAZAB is actually a super potent strain of weed

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