Tidal Wave of Douchebaggery Washes Over Wrigley Field

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I am not sure who I am supposed to dislike in this video. Is it the 40,000+ fans engaging in what the narrator deems the first time he's ever seen The Wave at legendary Wrigley Field? Or is it the narrator himself who declares this to be the worst day in baseball history? Or is it Stoeten of Drunk Jays Fans who unleashes a profanity-filled tirade at all parties involved and ends up insulting the entire baseball-going population of the North Side in the process? Or is the British, who call this demonstration "The Mexican Wave" in their gawky slang?

(via the good gentlefolks at Drunk Jays Fans)

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Not only are they doing the wave, the Cubs also revealed their new mascot.

Huh. I figured most Cubs fans were too douchey for the wave. I guess I was wrong...

They call it the Mexican Wave because people on those backwards chunks of islands floating in the North Atlantic didn't see it until the 1970 World Cup and assumed it was some beaner thing.

I said 70...that was the first one in color. 86 was the one with the wave. All these mexican things blur

I apologise for any inconvenience or confusion I may have caused and I'll go back to www.whoateallthepies.tv where I belong

Better the Mexican Wave than the HOLY FUCK THAT ARGIE BASTARD HIT THE FUCKING BALL WITH HIS HAND wave. As in waves of destroyers rolling 'round the horn.

Here at WoW headquarters we call it the "Hausfrau Handsup".

I participate in the wave. Especially in the late innings as it helps do dissipate the gross humors. And Chicagoans fart more than most.

Finally! Somebody comes up with a decent reason for doing the wave besides "because we're complete toolbags"! Thank you, Jack!

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