Tonight's Questions

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Is this above clip from Simon Birch the best on-screen death in movie history? It's certainly possible.

Slow-ish start to the week, but I'll have more tomorrow. Come back, please!

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If I got a package in the mail from somebody named Bert Strane at the Head Smart Corporation, I would just assume it was a pipe bomb or anthrax or a box full of monkey shit.

Sabathia would totally wear a heat liner if it was jerky-scented.

a girl strike out Derek Jeter one day
Plenty of girls have struck out with Derek Jeter, Iracane included. Ohhhhh, strike out, not strike out WITH. I see.

Also, this wasn't a slow-ish start to the week at all. There were like 3 posts up by 11AM. Solid work DMac, Drew, et al.

I'm pretty hard on myself. Tomorrow will be better.

Mmm, three spleen soup.

Woah, the kid at 2:24 is the guy who plays Sledge in The Pacific.

I don't know who's worse for the crew in the rotation now, Suppan or Davis.

Also, i can has road trip for milwaukee again?

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