Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, will you be a stranger when I get back?

  • DO you consider this tub trumpet version of "Sandstorm" to be better than the original? For that matter, what the heck is a "tub trumpet"?

  • WILL Blue Jays fans be even more inclined to hate the city of Philadelphia after the awesome Zoo With Roy printed this t-shirt today?

  • WHEN will the Marlins be promoting OF prospect Mike Stanton? I'm not sure what they're waiting for, the dude just hit a 500 foot homer. Even Brian Sabean thinks that's impressive.

  • WHY did someone else feel the need to write a glowing piece about the Rays rotation that fails to substantively mention the team's defense? WHAT MUST I DO TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND, TIM BROWN?!

  • IS Rob having a good time at the game with phillas and Farthammer? I suggest you keep checking his Twitter to find out.

  • WHICH of the two measly games on tonight will you be watching? I'm leaning towards Mets/Marlins because it's Johan Santana facing off against Josh Johnson.

Thus concludes another day with Dmac helming the ship. Took me a lot of effort to convince him to take a break and let me handle the TQ this evening. Come back tomorrow to see him continuing to feed the beast. Same WoW channel.

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I hope Rob, Phillas and Farthammer get to see a Walk off Walk, or I guess a perfect game would be cool (Mat Latos is perfect through 5)

Nevermind, infield single in the 6th

Trey Hillman or the Royals or somebody has just been YOSTROLL'D!

Here goes another. Two balls from shrip in Texas

FC. Maybe next inning

The return of Ne-Yo!

Nice job, gents. I know it must mean a great deal to Rob to know that the place is in capable hands, so that he can fully enjoy his sunsplashed, watermelon-and-beer-soaked platonic three-way with Fartie and Phillas.

I don't know what a tub tunes trumpet is either but that guy made me want to hop on the next flight to Ibiza.

Rob & co. are good peeps. Fun day all around.
Farthammer knows too much about Christina Aguilera and scares me.

Did anybody ice anybody else?

Touches of bromance.
No ice. Sry.

did anyone take a screen cap of the fake Gatorade binoculars at the mets game tonight?

Yesterday ruled, and a lot of arguments went invalidated as a result of that watermelon beer.

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