Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I am not Ruth Buzzy standing here.

  • WHICH Stubby Series finale will you be watching?

  • YOU familiar with Iraq's national baseball team? They're pretty new at all this so don't bet on them unless you're prepared to take a Baath.

  • ARE you sad that Ryan Freel retired? Duk calls him a "blog all-star" but it seems all we ever did is slam the guy. Happy trails, Nutcase. Go study Steve Lyons and figure out why he's not homeless yet.

Alright, now. I'm gonna head out to hoepfully watch the Red Sox salvage a shred of their dignity. Despite last night's heartbreaker (which I didn't even watch) the beauty of a two game series (I guess) is that a win tonight neutralizes everything. Though when you're 8.5 games out you need more than neutralization.

Anyway, we'll see you back here tomorrow. Same WoW Channel. You too, Thunder Shin.

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I like the background beat on that Shin Conditioning clip. I was waiting for a DAS EFX verse to break out.


David Wright has struck out in 15 straight games and the Mets lost on a walkoff Wright error tonight.


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Someone check on Drew. I think Radu may have gotten to him.

I think I may have crashed the network by following Radu's link
I couldn't help myself

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