Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, hydrate.

  • WHAT do you think of that clip from the new baseball talk show starring Rob and I? I think we're both naturals on camera.

  • ARE you pumped for more stubby two game series? A whole bunch start tonight.

  • WHICH WoW commenter is actually Tyrone R. Squires?

Bang. Done for today. We'll get back to you. Tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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"Tyrone R. Squires, 24, was described by police as being homeless and originally from Massachusetts but with no permanent address. Sporting a thick, dark beard and wearing an old-time military hat."

The facts that he's homeless and originally from MA is a dead give away. The only thing missing from that description is that he was wearing a Garfield t-shirt.

Wow, check out that kids youtube page, he goes by the name killerman942 and is flashing the up-side down vagina gang sign on his page. This kid is obviously hard-core.

It's latent but it's there.

"Security got down there quickly," Curve general manager Rob Egan said. "It was a little tough to see him at first because he was deep in the outfield in between the light standards and the shadows.

It's official: absolutely NOBODY pays attention when they go to a minor league baseball game. How deep is that outfield that you can't see a fourth person standing out there? 700 feet? 900?

Consider Egan's quotes in light of what everyone else said. He makes it out to seem like the boozehound was brandishing a flamethrower, screaming "DEATH TO INFIDELS!"

"We'll maybe never know the motivation for why he did what he did," Egan said. "We know what he said, but we don't know what the real reason was."

Jack Bauer will make him talk!

"The fact that this doesn't appear to be a Blair County resident, doesn't appear to be even a Pennsylvania resident, the fact that it appears there was alcohol involved, a lot of things played a factor here," Egan said. "The authorities acted appropriately, and he'll be dealt with appropriately."

Way to go, Egan. You've unraveled The Great Vagrant Caper.

If acting like a drunken asshole in a state you're not from is a terrorist act then helllooooo, Guantanamo. After the Heist they'll need a whole new wing on the prison.

I got my spinal injections today and am on a combo of Phentonyl, Vercet, and Vicodin.

Baseball just got a whole lot better. I even hallucinated that they serve beer with watermelon slices in it these days.

Tyrone R Squires is The Batman

Sweet, merciful Mother Mary--this M's offense is the worst. It's draining just to watch.

The best line in that story is: "the first of its kind in 12 seasons at BCB." Oh shit, this isn't a regular occurrence?!

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