Tonight's Questions

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penguinbaby.jpg Hey kids, we're climbing a ladder.

  • WILL you be watching any of the series finales tonight or are you too busy setting up your house for your Return Of Interleague BBQ Soirees?

  • IF you're not doing any of those things around 9 PM, then you oughta join us for the latest (and 25th!!!!!) installment of The Walkoff Walk Furious Five Radio Show. Just follow this link and you'll be set. Along with hitting up all the newsy news we'll be waxing nostalgic about baseball cards. See you then.

Bye, dudes and dames. Same WoW channel. You too, Penguin Baby.

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Braves just scored 7 in the bottom of the 9th to win the game


Can't wait to see the the WPA from that CIN-ATL game.

Is that a line you use to pick up the ladies?

BiB attire > WoW attire

Bro on the left is all "KILL IT!"
Bro in the middle is all "GLUG"
Bro on the right is all "WHAT WHAT!"

Also, Francisco Cordero's WPA was apparently -.815 for the game, and he only faced one batter!

My brother is driving from Milwaukee this weekend to go the the Twins v Brewers game on Friday. I will ice him outside of Target Field. Expect pictures on Monday

Does anyone know why Fangraphs isn't doing the win probability live twitter feeds this year? How else am I supposed to know when Ken Griffey's third-straight groundout drops the M's WP from 34% to 28%? I'm certainly not going to actually WATCH the Mariners play.

@BCTF, if you can twICE him or even thrICE him, you will be a God, and soon have your own shirt.

I'm disappointed it didn't have the part with him putting his hands on his helmet in disgust and turning to walk back to the dugout. Still good, though.


Fangraphs took that twitterfeed down so you will BUY their fancy Fangraphs app.

Ahhh. Well, that makes sense.

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