Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you'll be happier when I'm gone.

  • HAVE you been keeping up on your Morning Cup Of Joe? Yes, the carnage continues.

  • CAN little old Boston take those bigmouthed first place Tampa baseball elitists down a few pegs?

  • WHEN are the Reds gonna play some REAL teams? Pittsburgh is in town this week. Remember kids, that's the 2010 Walkoff Walk PNC Park Heist in Pittsburgh! Saturday, August 7th!

  • ARE the Angels on the upswing after winning three straight or can the Blue Jays use them to stay ahead of the Sawx?

  • WHAT is there left to say about Bob Dylan on this, his 69th birthday? We've already embedded about 10,000 of his videos on this website. Pretty sure we've all ranked our favorite albums in the comments. He's the man, forever. Heeeeeypeeeeey BeeeeeEERTHdeeeeey, dude.

We'll see you here tomorrow, where it's our 69th birthday everyday. Same WoW channel.

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In honor of the 75th anniversary of the first night game at Crosley Field in Cincy, the Reds are turning back the clock tonight. Ten cent popcorn, old-timey scoreboard, and women must wear proper hats and won't be allowed to cheer.

If it's turn back the clock night in Cincy, I'd advise Brandon Phillips and Arthur Rhodes to stay home.

And Dusty will continue to ignore pitch counts.

A Marge Schott impersonator is going to throw out the first jew.

George Foster will be paid $184 for the honor of being dry-humped by a man in a St. Bernard costume.

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