Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you got me so hypnotized the way your body rollin' round and round

Yes, folks, today we had our first afternoon walkoff walk of the season. I also .gif'd it. Thanks, Rickie Weeks!

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No, no, no. Repeat for every single girl who has ever set foot in Wrigley.

I didn't realize Plies and/or Akon lyrics were fair game for the TQ lead ins.

(files that away for future reference)

See an awesome mashup featuring that song here:

The Harpie on the left has a pack of smokes rolled up in her left sleeve, I'll bet.

If you ever meet anyone who still thinks aviators are a good idea, show them this pic.

/glares at Iracane

Is the one in the middle wearing a ring that spells her name? (HINT: It's Trixie.)

310, that's what I was listening to when I wrote TQ.

Super Mash Bros. are really the only thing that compares to Girl Talk. Hollertronix destroys both of them, though.

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