Two Clevelanders Reminisce About All Those Years of Being Wrong

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Leave it to two writers from Cleveland to produce perhaps the most complete conversation about being wrong in the sporting-sphere. Kathryn Schulz, author of the forthcoming tome Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error interviewed blog-friendly columnist Joe Posnanski and it wasn't difficult for JoePos to spill the beans on the many times he's been wrong.

Posnanski's self-deprecating humor and willingness to admit his missteps make it an amusing interview, but the anecdote about "I Pounded Pos" shirts at the end makes it essential for fans of Schadenfreude.

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If you pick enough college basketball games correctly, you could win an "I Daggered Digger" t-shirt from ESPN. The shirt features an amusing caricature of Jamie Moyer's father-in-law getting boned in a Jamaican dancehall by a highlighter marker.

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