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  • DID you enjoy my week at the helm of Walkoff Walk? Be honest.

Sorry for the nonexistent afternoon here today, but I hope you enjoyed my week in charge of Walkoff Walk. I'm always happy to get the chance to BS about baseball on the Internet even if I had to set my alarm earlier than usual. Thanks as usual to Rob for having me and to 310, Drew and Kris for helping out. Rob will be back Monday.

I will also drop some news. Coming in... oh, let's say, July: Cat Stairs: The Comic Strip. It's going to rule.

Photo by Nurse Kate; Creative Commons license

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Job well done, Dmac. You put on a solid week and didn't even do anything with baseball-playing dogs, which is hard.

Every post after your first of the day is gravy

This week was an outstanding performance, DMac. Much appreciated. Rob has tiny little girl feet, but you filled his shoes in a manly fashion. Be proud.

Good job, dmac. I'm sure Buck Showalter would give you a 'wow'.

Rob was gone?

Solid wee, dmac. Now go hit the all you can eat buffet.

*solid week.

Solid wee sounds like a fucking PROBLEM.

Oh, and since it's the weekend, and y'all are just gonna get high and lay around anyway, do yourselves a massive favor and read though this Nyjer Morgan meme/thread over at Lookout Landing. I don't want to fall victim to internet hyperbole, but it's the MOST EPIC AWESOME THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE TUBES. Those kids KILLED it over there. So funny.

My favorite.

Nice job, DMac. Much better than the normal slop that passes for material around here.

Great stuff, DMac. That was a good solid week of kicking ass and taking memes... or something...


Congratulations Ramon Ramirez!

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