Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, I've thawed.

So enjoy your interleague weekend. There's a whole host of interesting series that I didn't touch on. This is the time of year when we put aside or differences and really try and understand the freaks and weirdos that watch most of their games played in the other league. It's not just a baseball game... it's research. We'll see you nuts on Monday. Same WoW channel.

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Let the Ohio Cup begin! Loser gets Toledo.

That song (and the album that shares its name) is the tits.

Loser between Rays and Astros gets to go mop up oil.

cards play the angels tonight, not the dodgers. piniero is wearing an angels hat cause he plays for the angels now. brad penny never played for the angels...

so i guess i'm saying if that was a joke, i don't get it

Another chapter will be written in the storied Homeric bloodfeud that is the Mariners vs. the Padres.

Well I'm not gonna explain it to you.

This is the type of lineup of which two-hour games are made.

Either that or games with 15 scoreless innings.

They were talking about how bad they Mariners O is during the braves game tonight.

Go figure. Here we were, making fun of the Padres and Mariners' offenses... and the Mariners won last night's game 15-8.

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