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About next week: I'm headed out San Francisco way for a bit, but our pal Dan McQuade will corral the WoW writers and keep the content flowing from Monday to Friday. I'll be meeting up with a couple of our West Coaster WoWies on Thursday afternoon for a businessman's special at AT&T Park, so be sure and follow me on Twitter for some live commentary and photo fun.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. See you in ten days, same WoW channel.

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Also playing with the French Cop is BusinessorLeisure's band Beards. 2 WoWie's for the price of 1

My first post is going to be, "Top 10 laziest minorities in MLB history"

Toping that list: Darby O'Brien.


FoxNews.com confirms the identity of the second band involved in the Don Pedro's scandal as Beards. Lead singer, businessorleisure, is currently at large. Witness Matt_T explains: "Also playing with the French Cop is BusinessorLeisure's band Beards. 2 WoWie's for the price of 1." French Cop is assumed to be French Cops and "WoWies" are assumed to be drugs or something. Our national nightmare continues.

Bro Icedbroington, reporting.

*whew* You scared me for a minute. Almost thought you guys were playing at Don Hill's...

My first post is going to be, "Top 10 laziest minorities in MLB history"

Germany Schaefer. Uppity Boche wouldn't even call it "liberty cabbage"!

Major sads that I can't see CTC and BoL's bands.

(Mostly I just wanted to Ice those bros.)

My jam band is gonna release a live album called "Don't Ice Us, Bro (We're In The Band)" some time this year...

OK, I'm not actually in a jam band. But it's fun to think about, isn't it?

Pardon me while I brag:
I'm going to a wedding by myself this weekend (long, boring story. My wief gets to go to a Phillies game instead). I will know MAX 3 people there. It is an hour from my house, so I will be unable to drink. Also, the ceremony is a full Catholic mass. And it's a client who is getting married, so I will have to behave (no stories about being a wealthy Russian oil baron).

So yeah, when you're all chillaxin and bbqing and drinking and listening to cool music, tip one up for ya boy.

wief = Middle English spelling of wife

Full Catholic mass weddings aren't THAT long. Although, yes, I went to a wedding in a Unitarian church once, and it was 15 minutes long, and it was awesome.

Being a lifelong atheist forced into Catholic Mass fucking sucks. But the reception I went to after that was in a freaking museum, so that was pretty cool.

I would put up with a lot of shit for a wedding's after-party. A full Catholic mass is relatively innocuous on this same list.

Adam Dunn with a Walkoff Bonk in Natstown!

I don't know what's more demoralizing: That I am well old enough to have loved Cameo back in the day, or that Mrs. Gorge just walked by my laptop to notice "Iron Man Scarjo" in my Google search box. THE CURIOSITY WAS KILLING ME.

I went to a bilingual catholic wedding that lasted 42 hours.

The really interesting thing about all the additional comments on the Hustle article, is that so many people actually felt compelled to talk at length about the Reds.

Dallas Braden just threw a perfect game. Have some.

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