Will Jays Fans Get To See Roy Halladay Again?

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As first reported (then retracted) by The Fightins and later expanded upon by MLB.com's Todd Zolecki, there's a chance the Phillies' series against Toronto on June 25-27 could be moved from The Stadium That Will Forever Be Referred to as the SkyDome1.

The reason: The G-20 summit is scheduled for the 26th and 27th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, about two minutes from the (sigh) Rogers Centre. Our own Drew Fairservice rightly notes the bigger concern is Toronto being turned into a police state during the summit2, but I'm sure the game being moved would get more attention.

The obvious idea is to move the games to Philadelphia, where the teams are guaranteed three sellouts. (ARAMARK would love this; they do the food service for both stadiums.) They could even trot out Joe Carter, and the Philly fans could boo him, and we'd all have a good laugh. That would, of course, give the Phillies 84 home games, so what they should really do is move the game to Montreal. (A commenter on Blue Jay Hunter noted both Detroit and Buffalo's AAA stadium are free that weekend.)

Will they find a way to play the series in Toronto? Probably. (Editor's Note: Incorrect! See update below.) Maybe the G20 attendees can meet in one of the restaurants overlooking the field! But even though the Jays are actually playing quite well right now, it's been a rough couple of months for our friendly baseball fans to the north3. If anything can go wrong for them, it will, so expect Halladay to throw a perfect game at Citizens Bank Park next month.

Update: The series will be moved to Philadelphia, according to various reports. Eighty-four home games for the Phillies it is! The Jays will bat last and the DH will be used.

1 Average attendance this season: 600. (Actually 15,207, second-lowest in the league ahead of Cleveland.) Attendance for Wrestlemania VI (Main event: Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, title for title): 67,678.
2 Well, for Toronto residents. Man, Walkoff Walk is slowly turning into the most awesome political site on the Internet, too. I'm going to have to pen a column calling for legalizing steroids in baseball soon.
3 Those who are paying attention, at least.

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The G-Unit summit is once again scheduled for Detroit.

Put it in the Silverdome.

No Justice, No Peace, So Cuttered

off topic: I was in San Juan last week and had a churro. Just wanted to share that with everyone.

I say they just leave the series in Toronto. It worked out really well for the Pirates last year.

The Toronto Blue Jays: Obeying Murphy's Law Since Around 1997 Or So

That one sign is incredible: "Giving away talent isn't free trade."

So if the games get moved to Philly, would Toronto still be the home team and bat last? I was at a minor league game where they did this once. Because of a rainout, they had a double header at one stadium. In the first game, the visiting team played home and batted last. In the second game, they reversed it.

The Braves series in Cincinatti is at the same time as the Dollar General Midwest Regional Managers annual conference. Can we get that series moved to Atlanta?

I just got an email from the Phillies confirming that the games will, in fact, be in Philly. Sorry Jays fans (and players). The email confirms that the Blue Jays will be "home" and bat last, and that the DH (abomination!) will be used.


On ESPN.com's main page, it's shown as "Politics trump baseball, so Phils-Jays relocated".


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