You Will Have Potentially The Opportunity To Have Dinner With Rick Dempsey Himself

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How? Well through the magic of Round Robin Dinner, silly!

I found the following video while DEEP in the depths of YouTube surfing last night, and it's amazing. This gentleman has to be the worst reader of copy in the history of advertising. And that's saying something. God bless him... and that intro music.

See you. Baseball fans. On the cruise.

The other funny thing about this is that I met Rick Dempsey at Spring Training once and he told me a story about how he and some teammates were "fishing" out on Biscayne Bay and "accidentally" ran their boat aground. DON'T LET HIM DRIVE, ROYAL CARIBBEAN!

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Shit, I better hurry and get my deposit in soon!

If I went on a cruise and by coincidence Rick Dempsey was there, too, I don't even think I would bother to tell anyone about it.

Good thing this dickhead doesn't have a difficult-to-spell-or-remember email address.

Anyone who books a cruise based on a YouTube video deserves Legionnaires' Disease.

"Did you hear? Rick Dempsey's doing a BASEBALL cruise!"

Who the hell hasn't already heard about that?!

This cruise would be overtaken by Somali pirates while still in port at Baltimore.

The AAA Somali Pirates are in first place after a strong April in the International Scumbags League

I hear the Antic Ocean is lovely that time of year.

The music that plays is clearly from one of those videos you get with buckets of paint that show you how to paint your house, or comes with your washer to show you how to use it.

Wait. Baltimore is in the USA?! Since when?!

I would hastily turn down an offer to share a cab ride with Rick Dempsey.

I'm holding out for the Mike Boddicker cruise.

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