Tonight's Question, Tube Socks, and Copyright Infringement

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  • DO you like nostalgic batting helmets, short shorts, and tube socks? This is the five-minute movie for you, no doubt.

Courtesy of Rich Lederer over at Baseball Analysts comes this neat, short film about a 1970s era game of Wiffleball. It's like The Sandlot met up with Dazed and Confused, got high, and had a drug baby.

Please to enjoy Wiffleball '79, directed by Perry Jenkins and Travis Kurtz and featuring both copyrighted music (that I'm sure were not obtained properly...unless this is fair use?) and original tunes by Mike Northern.

(thanks again to those crazy analysts of base-ball)

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I'd like to say kudos to all the WoW staff on a bang up day at the office. All the posts were thought-provoking and fun.

Kudos, you lefty, pinko dirtbags, kudos.

Notice how the black kid didn't hustle on either of his home runs? I'm just sayin'.

Batting helmets for whiffleball. Diagnosis: MAN UP, PRINCESS

@BCTF - And who had to clean up the mess? Why, the brown bear, of course.

Maybe if the brown bear showed a little more hustle, he'd be eating a picnic basket right now.

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