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wow.braden.headshots.jpg Remember back in 2001 when noted loudmouth Curt Schilling lost his perfect game? With five outs to go, the Padres' Ben Davis -- pride of Malvern Prep! -- bunted for a bloop single. The Diamondbacks spent the rest of the game cursing out Davis, Bob Brenly called the move "chicken" and if Curt Schilling had a blog at the time you know we'd be getting a 20,000-word entry out of it.

Well, well! Yesterday, before we all tuned in to Dallas Braden's perfect game1, Evan Longoria attempted a bunt single in the fifth. Since Braden completed the perfect game, nobody cares. And Joe Maddon would have been down with it even with two outs in the ninth!

"Great, absolutely," Maddon said. "We're trying to score runs there, we're not just trying to permit him to go into the record books. Our intent is to win the game and if (Longoria) gets it down who knows what could have happened. So that's another of those unwritten rules that I'm not a subscriber to. If you want to prohibit it, just play your third baseman in. Both sides have the ability to do whatever they want. I believe if you're trying to beat the other team and that's your best way to do it then you do it."

Longoria's bunt rolled foul, and he eventually struck out. And now Dallas Braden has a perfect game and Curt Schilling doesn't.

1 I watched the eighth and ninth. You guys?

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Dallas Braden looks like he enjoys Too $hort even more than Fartie.

Obviously, the best way for the Rays to score runs is to have Evan Longoria bunt. Why do you think the Yankees acquired Mark Teixeira? His noted bunting prowess, of course.

I caught the 8th and 9th as well, but had to focus intently on the Celtics. Oops, I mentioned basketball. Now I turn into a pumpk

I watched most of the NBA playoffs yesterday, too, businessorleisure. Oh crap now I'm


Basketball is my favorite sport/ I like the way they dribble up and down the court

Dallas Braden looks like a shifty Satellite TV installation guy. You let him in so you can get the NFL Ticket, next thing you know, grandmother's pearls are gone.

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