Avril Lavigne Has Aged Horribly

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Okay, so maybe this female warbler (Kathy Anderson) ain't that bad looking and who knows what Avril even looks like nowadays, but I couldn't think up any good Alanis Morissette jokes. Isn't that ironic?

Be forewarned: this Roy Halladay tribute video courtesy of the good folks at Drunk Jays Fans may inspire sadness among Blue Jays and Phillies fans alike. After all, the Jays fans weep that their all-time greatest pitcher has left them while the Philly faithful weep that the same guy is basically throwing batting practice this month.

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Damn, Drew looks terrible in a wig.

/Halladay in Cambodia, still one of the best fantasy baseball teams names of all time.

The facial and hand expressions are over the top. But, she's still a better actress than Kristen Stewart.

She kind of looks like Sweet D from IASIP, I was really hoping for a Green Man appearance.

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