Bam Margera Attacked With Baseball Bat; Jackass 3-D Unaffected

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wow.bam.margera.jpg Over the weekend, noted skateboarder/reality TV show star/CKY member/West Chester, Pa., native Bam Margera was attacked by a 59-year-old woman with a baseball bat. TMZ even got photos!

AN INTERLUDE BEFORE YOU WORRY, PEOPLE. Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News reports Margera will still be able to make Jackass 3-D. MTV says he's already hopped on a plane to meet his co-stars once he was released from the hospital. Now, of course, this makes us wonder: Could this baseball bat attack be just a part of J3D? Oh, look, the Philadelphia Inquirer actually suggested this: "Or was it a stunt for his reality show that features inane behavior?" I bet the paper is just angry Jackass 3-D takes away from its own 3-D edition of the newspaper over the weekend. END INTERLUDE.

Gross also got some choice quotes from the alleged attacker, Elizabeth Ray:

  • "I'm innocent, and he's a 'Jackass' just like his movie."
  • "He uses racial slurs, uses the N-word with black in front of it."
  • "I did not hit him, nobody hit him."

Margera's just lucky it was a wooden bat1. Down south in Felton, Del., a man was attacked with an aluminum baseball bat during an argument over ownership of a kitten.

Sigh. Whether it's an argument over kittens or you just hate Bam Margera, keep the bats down, people.

1 An interesting thing about bat attacks I've noticed is, if someone is attacked with a wodden bat, media reports might not mention it was a wooden bat. (Wooden bats being the natural state of a baseball bat.) But aluminum bats will always be mentioned as aluminum. I assume if someone gets beaten with a wiffle ball bat or a fungo bat or a Mongo bat it will also get mentioned. Hopefully Kris can confirm.

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If someone tried to take my cats from me I'd beat em with a bat too.


Bam was attacked outside his bar is on Market Street in West Chester, which is one block from Gay Street. The point? We narrowly missed a lede that could have read:

"Margera Takes Wood on Gay Street"

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