College Baseball Cram Session 2010

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The first time I wrote about college baseball here I went through great pains to explain my affinity for college baseball to you. Not this time. WOOHOOO GO NOLES.

The Noles' Atlantic Coast Conference is tied for most teams in the tourney (8) with the PAC-10 and the SEC. Yes, that's 8 of 10 PAC-10 schools in the final 64.. The state of Florida is tied with California and Texas for most teams (6). Unfortunately, leading that pack from Florida are the loathesome and irredeemable shitbird Gators. They're the third overall seed in the tournament, despite not winning their conference tournament. They get to host their regional and sleep in their comfy, stupid beds. The Seminoles, whose overall record was only 2 games worse than UF, and who WON their conference tourney have to travel up to Connecticut, CONNECTICUT!, to play their regional. The lesson as always: The Gators, their fans and all their cronies are scum.

Other storylines include Arizona State nabbing the first seed after an abrupt preseason coaching change/non-scandal and FIU's Garret Whittels taking his historic chase of the all-time record hitting streak to a National (sorta) stage.

Regionals start Friday and I'll be back around with previews then. Until then, don't forget that you're probably banned from your nearest campus, and Woohoo College World Series!

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This post makes no mention of Brett Favre and/or the North Eastern Mississippi Bulldogcats and their quest for the tournament. Doesn't that violate some sort of rule?

I got college credit through St. Louis U. during high school, so I'm practically an alumnus. GO BILLIKENS!

Gaaaaah - thanks to a late season run of injuries/choke job, my beloved Razorbacks are right under Arizona State in the overall bracket. Assuming both get out of the regional that is.

Love you, College World Series.

The Golden Gophers are the hottest team in the country right now*

I know very little about college baseball

I ♥ Florida softball team. Otherwise I agree with my swarthy Greek author about everything Gator.

I tried to find a website that would have a Tournament Pick 'Em or something. Who knew Fantasy College Baseball was so unpopular?

It's messed up a kid named Wittels is using a metal bat to set these records.

Ahem... GO HOOS!!!!!.

That is all.

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