CWS: Kyle Peterson, Eric Byrnes Argue About The Balk Rule

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Were you watching the exciting Dartmouth-Florida Atlantic College World Series tilt last week? No?! Well, then you missed a pretty exciting scene: Kyle Peterson and Eric Byrnes argued for a good three minutes over what the balk rule is.

Check the video above: I was only half-paying attention -- an excellent way to watch baseball, especially college baseball -- when suddenly I heard two grown men arguing like six-year-olds. Both of their voices were so high with anger I couldn't tell them apart. They were so intense I thought they were arguing over Israel/Palestine (this was an officially-sanctioned sport at my college).

But, no, it turns out they were arguing over the balk rule. Peterson -- or maybe it's Byrnes? -- has a tough time with geometry and angles here, too, I think, but whatever, math is hard.

Side note: According to the hilariously-titled LSU website Tiger Droppings, "Kyle Peterson is the tits! Dude knows his shit." So I'm going to trust him in this argument.

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There is a reason Eric Byrnes is playing softball now.

There is a reason Eric Byrnes is playing softball now.

There is a reason Guy Clark is playing softball now.

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