Dayton Dragons Player To Spend Entire Evening on Bowl

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Because whether or not catcher Mark Fleury of the Reds' single-A affiliate in Dayton can finish the whopping four-pound Fifth Third Burger, he is certainly going to have dire gastrointestinal distress. As a guest in the West Michigan Whitecaps' visitors clubhouse, Fleury attempted to consume the bloated burger just a half hour prior to game time. Good idea!

So, what exactly is in this foodstuff? Starting with a sesame seed bun the size of Joey Votto's head, the behemoth is constructed thusly:

The bun is then topped with five, yes five, one-third pound hamburger patties, a cup of chili, five slices of American cheese, a mound of salsa, a few spoons full of nacho cheese and some tortilla chips. The burger is then finished off with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Adding your own jalapenos, ketchup or mustard is optional.

Via OMG Reds, here's the video of Mark tackling the hefty nom:

Head over to OMG Reds to watch the stunning conclusion to Fleury's attempt to make the competitive eating circuit. (SPOILER: in the words of a Dragons player in the background of the third video, he "didn't finish that shit")

Beat writers everywhere scoff at this weakness in eating burgers.

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Fantastic use of the microphork.

That's the kind of food beat writers make joke twitter accounts for.

I think I now know what people mean when they reference "clubhouse cancer". You can practically see the radon wafting around that place. Nice clock, though.

"We just have bread left, but that's the easy part."

Says the guy who can't finish the bread that he has left.

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