Delay Has Its Dangers: Today's Afternoon Games

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There are several. Chit-chat about them at your discretion.

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Rick Porcello is perfect through 1!

The Iron Sheik is pissed at Jim Joyce. Trust me, you want to watch this.

@UU: That has single-handedly made my week. I am still laughing.

@Everyone else: Here's Meech's comment in the paper

If I knew who that was, I'd probably be laughing harder. But mind you: I AM laughing. Thanks, UU.

The Iron Sheik is perhaps the greatest wrestler ever known for his quick wit and sarcastic comments about opposing fighters...

Oh the joys of sarcasm.

Rob, don't tell me you have no idea who The Iron Sheik is.

btw, CC perfect through 2.

Fucking jinx.

Nobody's perfect

Hah, couldn't catch up to that one, Jackson!

David Huff is getting hit pretty hard.

A-Rod is now your active leader in career homers, and will probably retain that title for at least five more years. Sink your teeth into that one.

Boli, Boli Good, A-Rod.

A-Rod should watch his back, Robot Frempkins is on pace to pass him by 2013.

A-Rod is now your active leader in career homers ... Sink your teeth into that one.

Yeah, well - Adam Rosales is the career leader in active homers.


Who is the career leader in non-steroid enhanced homers?

If you are talking active players, that would be Thome.

Bunch of savages, the lot of you. Jimmers has already spoken out on the issue of PEDs

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