Entire League Bewitched By All Things Gaga

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First, she conquered the world of pop music. Then she devoured television, the news media, the Muppets, and our collective souls. But the final frontier for Lady Gaga was a sphere we never expected she'd dominate: baseball.

Yet today, Lady Gaga is the single biggest baseball fan in the entire galaxy. It wasn't enough for Gaga to show up at CitiField and offend the drooling masses with her middle fingers of doom. No, Gaga needed to enrich the hearts and minds of Yankee fans by making her underwear-clad presence known in the luxury boxes at The Stadium. Makes sense, she is the number one pop star in the universe and the Yankees are the number one sports team. Let the Mets have also-rans like this 82-year-old fossil.

But some questioned whether Lady Gaga was well-received by the World Champions, even claiming that she'd been permanently banned from the clubhouse because of Gaga being Gaga. Nay! All falsehoods! She, and other celebrities of her ilk, are more than welcome in the clubhouse after the game as long as said game was a home team win. So basically, celebrities have a 72% chance of gaining entrance to the inner Yankee sanctum.

Both general manager Brian Cashman and skipper Joe Girardi gave headnods towards Lady Gaga and other famous folk. After all, if a player like Curtis Granderson doesn't get nervous playing alongside super-celeb Derek Jeter on a regular basis, I think he can handle the occasional pop sensation.

In this case, Gaga was spotted getting close and personal with the league's best player in Robinson Cano. Hmm, perhaps Gaga is the new Yankee muse; is she 2010's version of Kate Hudson, who so memorably romanced Alex Rodriguez towards a World Championship?

"She can sing, I'll tell you that," Cano said.

That ain't too bad a romance, amirite? But it probably won't last. I have it on good authority that Lady Gaga is going on a whirlwind ballpark tour with the intention of hitting up 29 stadiums before the season is through. Sorry, Mariners fans. Gaga doesn't "do" the Pacific Northwest.

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WAIT, WHO??????

She recorded a remix called 'bullpen telephone'

Gaga was all smiles afterwards, too. A good day had by all!

I feel the need to make a correction to this story. It should read "...with her Middle Fingers OF DOOM!." Thank you.

Her song "Alejandro" is obviously about Alex (Alejandro in Spanish) Rodriquez.

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