Happy Strasmas/Stantukah

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After months of hearing him spoken of in hushed tones by Bob Ley today is the day that major league baseball fans finally get to see Stephen Strasburg take to a major league mound. Did you know that? Of course you did! There's over 1,000 stories with the kids name in it on Google News and this is unquestionably the biggest day in DC baseball since the Expos had their reassignment surgery and set up shop there in 2005. Aside from construction of a stadium (and who ultimately fails at that, anyway) the whole relocation has generated as much excitement and positive energy as a wet mop. And that's using Montreal baseball as a reference point.

So it's no wonder that some of the most enthusiastic Strassexuals of the day are the people at MLB itself. Under the headline "Strasburg's Debut Up There With The Biggest" John Schlegel nearly blows out the P,H, E, N, O and M keys on his computer before proactively dropping Strasburg into the history books.

No doubt, when the Nationals' 21-year-old pitching phenom steps to the mound in front of a packed house at Nationals Park to make one of the most heralded debuts in years, it will be a big deal, and then some. It's a debut that in terms of attention-wrenching anticipation ranks with those of Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989, Mark Prior in 2002 ... and Mauer, whose promise was recognized well beyond the Twin Cities, just as Strasburg's is outside the Beltway.

There was the ultimate debut, by Jackie Robinson on April 15, 1947, and others that resonated through time like Joe Nuxhall's with the Reds at age 15 -- or 60 years before he'd retire from broadcasting Reds games -- and those of sure-fire greats like Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. More recently, future stars like Dwight Gooden and Pudge Rodriguez came in young and with a lot of fanfare.

Indeed, many of today's superstars' arrivals were celebrated, but to different degrees.

Starting pitchers like Justin Verlander, Tim Lincecum and David Price have entered the Major Leagues within a short time after being drafted, arriving with some serious hype of their own, albeit none quite rivaling Strasburg's on a national level.

And while it's easy to make fun of the unmeasured enthusiasm and concurrent rewriting of history books, the most expensive draft signing of all-time pretty much empirically dictates that this is the biggest debut ever. So I guess what I'm saying is, fine. Hyperbolize to your heart's content Washington and the rest of the baseball world, cause pretty soon the buzz'll wear off and you'll just have another Tim Lincecum on your hands. Zzzzz.

Also making his debut tonight is power hitting Marlins OF Mike Stanton. Expectations for him are "sky high". I'm still waiting to hear back from NASA on whether or not those expectations are greater or less than stratospheric. Oh wait. STRASospheric. High five!

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Between StrasJesus, Staton, and Heyward, the NL East is so stuffed with hot young studs Chris Hansen is going to be paying this here blog a visit.

PREDICTION: Strasburg goes 4 1/3 innings, allows 3 hits and 2 walks, records 10 strikeouts, and leaves the game down 3-0 with 88 pitches.

PREDICTION: There will be wholly twice as many people in Nats Park tonight as there will be for Stras' next home start.


"the NL East is so stuffed with hot young studs", so now we are comparing the NL East to porn stars?

Seriously, "stuffed with hot young studs" might be the dirtiest thing ever written here.

Ike Davis would like to show you his hot, young, studly ass by making his 1,823rd over-the-railing catch.


/also cramming into Nats Park for Strasmas


If either of you get a photo of Nats320 guy and/or African Queen, I'll send you a free Fribble gift card.

Buster Posey!
/throws another stud on the pile

Speaking of studs, anyone else remember that show STUDS?

"Studs" was a singularly tasteless show when it aired, but in my curmudgeonliness, I get the impression that it would be quite tame by today's standards. And of course, like much cultural ephemera of the early 90s, it is remembered today primarily by a reference on "The Simpsons." Remember Homer daydreaming about making bacon on the beach?

Why is the NL seemingly stuffed with religious figures this year? Particularly the NL East?

Strasus Christ
Jasus Heyward

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