Hurry Up and Watch All Fourteen of Stephen Strasburg's Strikeouts

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...because the MLBAM lawyerin' folks will have cease-and-desisted this video off the YouTubes by lunchtime. Witness pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg strike with regularity, all the while wearing his red socks and white pants correctly.

He's a lucky guy, too: his next start is of the interleague varietal and comes against the Indians, the third easiest team to strike out and the second worst slugging team in the AL

(our hats are off to the Bros. Mottram)

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Man, they're fast.

One day, I will release a torrent titled "Videos MLB AM Had Taken Down From YouTube But I Saved Beforehand."

You can also watch the video directly from MLB, without fear of reprisal:

(no embedding, of course)

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