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You may remember last week when I discussed the lack of cats on MLB fields this season. And you may also remember my voodoo attempt to get a cat on the field, STAT.

As the Walkoff Walk Vice President of Running Things Into the Ground as Quickly as Possible, there was only one possible next step: @kittyonthefield, the Twitter account that will update whenever a cat runs on the field.

No, it's not automated or anything, but I am confident that when a cat finally runs onto a field this year, I will be notified within seconds. (You guys should probably get my number.) Actually, what will probably happen is I will miss it, and the Twitter account will be a failure, but that's the price you pay for coming up with this idea.

However, let's pretend this doesn't fail fantastically. When a cat finally does run onto the field -- probably in 2013, with my luck -- @kittyonthefield will update with an onslaught of info, photos, videos, whatever. It will also update with classic cats on baseball fields videos, classic baseball-related cat trivia and whatever else involving cats and baseball I put up there.

I am actually doing research for this, because I do not do cat-related1 things half-assed. (They're just so cute! Little paws!) So if you are as interested in the intersection of cats and baseball as much as I am, you are in for a treat. Now would one of the cats who read this blog run out onto a field sometime soon?!

1 Or dog-related.

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What are the odds in Vegas for first field 2010 to have a cat run on it?

I'll put money down on Citi Field.

what's twitter?

I think there's another dog day at Nationals Park this summer, so I can have a conversation with the Puppy Wheat about working his magic there.

Dogs are awesome because there's a 95% chance they'll shit on the pitchers mound if they run on the field. Although I guess the same can be said for Phillies fans.

What would happen if a dog shit on Dallas Braden's mound? What's the normal reaction when that happens in the 209?

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