Mark Teixeira Had An Unhealthy Obsession With Kurt Cobain

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We all go through awkward stages in our early teens but Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira experienced a very special kind of awkward when his childhood hero died. Teixeira loved Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain so very much that after Cobain jammed a shotgun barrel in his mouth, the young high school student decided to drop the "Mark" and change his name to "Kurt".

This all came to light in an interview with MLB Network's Harold Reynolds that aired last night. During a sitdown at the Secaucus studios, Reynolds lobbed softballs at Teixeira interspersed with video snippets of interviews with Mark's parents. Here's a transcript of the juicy part:

HR: What is this stuff about Kurt Teixeira?

MT: You know what? When I was a kid I was a big Nirvana fan. And, uh, Kurt Cobain unfortunately passed away when I think I was in eighth grade. And when you're twelve or thirteen years old and your favorite band isn't gonna make any more music, you take it pretty tough. So, uh, I went by an alias for a little while.

HR: Yeah your mom said...

Mark's mom (on video): Mark tried to change his name to Kurt when he was, uh, because he loved Kurt Cobain when he filled our forms he would put, he would sign "Kurt Teixeira", so we had Kurt Teixeira things coming to the house for a while. I'd go, "what is this?" and it was because he had this thing for Kurt Cobain.

HR: You had the mail coming to your house?

MT: I would fill out...anytime I'd fill anything out whether it was for comic books or CD clubs or anything I would write Kurt Teixeira just because I didn't know what I was doing. I was twelve years old and I was having fun with it.

No way, Mark, that's not a kid having fun. When I was twelve years old I used to sign up for mailing lists using the alias Arnold Ziffel because I ironically loved "Green Acres", now that was a kid having fun. What Mark went through was a bit closer to an emotionally-confused kid who just experienced his first taste of hero worship-gone-wrong and thinks his parents just don't understand, maaannn.

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My favorite Nirvana song: Teixeiratorial Pissings

Tex thought he was too much of a negative creep to play for the Yankees, but Steinbrenner said Tex had been a son and offered him all apologizes and said it would be dumb if Tex decided to stay away.

Pfffft. Francisco Cervelli just bought Krist Novoselic on eBay.

The note from the CD Club to Kurt Teixeira just said "No new Nirvana yet . . ."

Changing his name to "Kurt" when Cobain died? Yep - definitely smells like teen spirit to me. But the Yankees told him "Come as you are" because they know he has some real lithium in his swing. There always seems to be something in the way in April, though, which might explain his usual slow starts.

Arod changed his name to Left Eye Rodriguez for a little while when he was younger

Mark's claiming his OPS this year is his own personal In Utero. It's not shitty; you just don't UNDERSTAND it, man. It's not FOR you.

It's only appropriate since I also find Mark Teixeira to be massively overrated...

I also find it hilarious that Cobain had an unfinished song called "There's This Kid Named Mark Teixeira Who's Going to Grow Up to Look Like a Mort Drucker-Drawn Mad Magazine Character, and Who Will Also Have a Puckered Asshole For a Mouth."

It's a rare B-side.

The man's favorite musical, MUSICAL for christsnakes, is Les Miserables. Is anyone really that surprised?

He filled out a fake name for mail and used Kurt Teixeira? What kind of 12 year old was he? I had mail coming to my house for Poopy McSmellface for years.

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