Marlins Mint Manager, Valentine Victorious, Cuban Sushi Turkey Wraps For Everyone!

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Per Jon Heyman's snoozy Twitter, the Marlins have reached a tentative agreement with Bobby Valentine to make him their new manager. Thus the Marlins evolve from hiring managers with jockey names to one with a bookie name. Mercifully this ends the will he/won't he drama that Valentine has been perpetuating for himself over the past 3 years.

It will be interesting to see how much the Marlins pay him. An ego like that don't come cheap.

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Is Valentine a Boras client or something? That's the only 'breaking' news that Heyman ever gets.

If the movie Mr. Baseball has taught me anything, Valentine will teach his pitchers how to throw the mythical shuuto.

Can't wait for:

1. Valentine to switch his dugout disguise from, "Groucho" to "Frank Lopez".

2. 4,128 stories about how Valentine fits right in with global Miami, because he's lived in Japan.

3. The invention of the Cubano.

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