My Pre Dinner Protest At Fenway Park

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What you see there is my protest sign from yesterday's "Strike Out SB1070" protest on Landsdowne Street behind Fenway's Green Monster. No one really got it except one Red Sox security guard who seemed floored that I knew anything about baseball. Which is unfair but just as unfair as me assuming he knows nothing about civil rights. Which I of course, do. So we're even.

I saw flyers for the protest around my neighborhood only yesterday and decided to head on down as much for observation as for actual demonstration. With the news cycle having pretty much let go of SB1070 as a national topic of debate I figured attendance at the rally would be sparse and mostly overwhelmed by a sea of inebriated, testy Sox fans. When I rode up the far end of Landsdowne St. I thought my suspicions were mostly confirmed as I didn't see a single protester... till I got to the end of the block. The protest was actually directly between the Cask & Flagon and Game On, the flatpanel covered, soulless Hatfield & McCoy of Boston bars. Prime real estate for milling about pregame and cramming cheese fries down your maw.

And I was wrong about turnout. The Globe estimated about 200 protesters and we drew an even higher number of ruddy faced anonymous white dudes yelling nonsensical retorts then giving us the finger and scurrying off. When someone tells me to "get a job" as they stumble drunk into a bar at 6PM, I don't think they really mean that.

As that Globe article points out, most players are now mum on the immigration law issue. I don't much blame them, their union has already come out against it. And Snakes' managing partner Ken Kendrick, the original raison d'etre of a Diamondbacks boycott has said he personally opposes the law. So if I'm still going by my original reasoning, protesting this team doesn't make all that much sense anymore.

Which is fine, because that's not we were doing. The rally was to speak out against an unjust law that encourages racial profiling. Profiling a segment of the population that is highly integrated into the fabric of baseball, no less. And with it getting as much attention as it does outside a game (101 comments on that Globe article, the fact that there even is a Globe article), the ballpark makes an appropriate venue for reaching the most people. I'm glad I went. I'm glad 199 or so other people did and I'm glad not everyone's bias or inflated sense of self worth (But they're MYYYY tax dollars, Mommy!) stands in the way of social justice. I even had a couple Sox fans nod their heads in approval.

Afterward, everyone headed down to the State House to support the Student Immigration Movement that is camped out on the lawn. I wanted to march down there with the rest of the gang but the Celtics were on soon. I'd put convictions in front of rooting interests enough for one day.

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Yes but if the federal gubmint would hurry up and take care of immigration problem then Arizona wouldn't have had to pass this massively racist and vastly un-Constitutional law against pretty much all brown people. Their hand was forced!


Also, this was some great on-the-spot reporting from Liakos. The only way it could have been better is if he held up a sign saying "HOW I MET YOUR MAMACITA" and then got on TV news.


I'm not touching this with a ten-foot Pole. Maybe a five-foot Latino would do.
/glad you went, Kris

I was expecting more moving trucks.

Seriously, no matter your nuanced stance on immigration law, the Arizona thing is bullshit. Nice work, CATSHIRT.

@Gorge, me too. I'm also disappointed that The Clam and The Beer from Narragansett didn't make an appearance.

@phillas, how about a 10-foot churro?

I took video but it's mostly boring. Except when I tell the fat guy staring me down from the Game On! patio that I don't think the Michelob Ultra was really working.

I have not read this law and I can't think for myself but, Keith Olbermann and Arianna Huffington think it is bad so I will blindly agree with them and shout down anyone with a differing opinion.


Can someone tell me when you're done talking about politics and it's safe to go back in the water?

Enough about this 'reading the law' nonsense. I don't need to read the Brown vs the Board of Education decision to know that segregating schools is a dumb idea. I don't need to read the entire U.S. Code to know I'm not supposed to murder vagrants for pleasure.

And I never claimed I needed to watch television 'news' to educate myself on the world. That's why the flying spaghetti monster invented NPR, pal.

NPR is more slanted than a Joe Goebbels film

I went looking for one of the times Rob yelled at us for talking politics, but I found this great oldie instead!
whatever happened to pale hose?

Who's CTC?

Nice job on the sign, catshirt. Next time hire a mexican to do the work for you.

Of course you would find a completely unbiased news organization slanted, BCTF. If it's anything to the left of Fox News, it's gotta be liberal! Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, Good Housekeeping, CBS, ABC, Highlights magazine, Utne Reader...all liberal! The entire media is liberal! Rabble rabble!

Besides, just because a bunch of dirty, crunchy hippies listen to something doesn't make it liberal. We just prefer our radio without direct corporate advertisements and with the occasional guilt-ridden pleas for cash.


CTC was a Deadspin commenting legend back in the day when Iracane ruled the comment section with an iron fist(ed).

I wonder what he's doing these days?

I don't watch Fox News or anyother news give me my opinions. I think for myself, and question authority.


The comment thread in the post that Keifer linked to is broken. Matt double posted with nary a Guy Clark reference, CTC was still CTC, and some shitbird named Honeynut Ichiros (real original - #51) was posting entire Shawshank quotes that weren't even remotely funny.

Honeynut Ichiros = loyal Simmons reader

Rasheed Wallace taught me that CTC = Cut The Check. I have no idea what any of that has to do with Lou Dobbs Twins Fan though.

yeah, I'm glad that Honeynut Ichiro d-bag doesn't comment here anymore.

Reading that old post reminds me how much WOW sucks since AJ took over.

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