Old Ed: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Phillies at Reds, 12:35: The Phils trot out their ace to try and snatch rubber. Aaron Harang goes for the Reds. K's are down and ERA is up for Harang, although 3 out of his last 4 starts have been Quality. Ryan Howard has 3 HR in 15 career ABs against him. Pencil another one in for today.

  • Tigers at Twins, 1:10: Andy Oliver vs. Kevin Slowey in another rubber match. Winner of this one leaves the series with the division lead. That'll make anyone's July 4 BBQ taste better. Except Joel Zumaya.

  • Astros at Brewers, 2:10: Wandy Rodriguez vs. Dave Bush. What are you having for lunch.

  • Snakes at Cards, 2:15: Broom in St. Louis. The Cards have snuck back into 1st by a half game continuing the forbidden dance of victory that seems destined to enchant the Middlewest for the rest of the summer. Barry Enwright vs. Jeff Suppan. Gotta love a dude named Barry. Always solid. Do we have any readers named Barry? Speak up!

  • Pirates at Cubs, 2:20: Chicago won last night! They're still just 3-8 on the year vs. the Bucs but could maybe grab some rubber. Brad "Don't Call Me Barry" Lincoln vs. Tom Gorzelanny.

  • 2 more games later in the day. 4 NL West teams. Check em out.

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Rod/Bush is no Fister/Bush

I'm playing hooky this afternoon to watch the Giants light up that fat fuck Padilla.

Phillies at Reds is on MLB Network. Hell yeah...

Phillies at Reds is on in my office. Hell yeah...

Phillies at Reds from 1952 is on my Strat-O-Matic. Hell yeah...

Barry Enwright? Sure, whatevs. Let's see that birth certificate, Barack Hussein Enwright.

Phillies at Reds are two teams who have never been in my kitchen.

When we were coming up with names for our son, I suggested Barold (shortened to Barry, naturally). I also offered forth Davonte and Mister. My wife HATES me.

But really, how much fun would it be to be named Mister?
Teacher: Is Mister Connors here?
Mister: No need to be formal, teach.

njpanick's favorite band? You guessed it, Mr. Mister.

Welcome to the Real World indeed.

/WoW your home for 1980's one hit wonder references

May I suggest Harry Leroy Panick?

What about Nails? Tribute to Lenny without the weird plumber-dude vibe

I was worried that someone would miss the opportunity to make that joke. But your humor can fly, it definitely doesn't have Broken Wings.

Maybe I will go with the name Art, so if he chooses a commenter handle when he's older, I can suggest njpaarty.

/really reaching today

It might be time for the Phillies to start pitching around Joey Votto.


What's up, Doc?

I mean besides your pitches.

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