Only Two More Weeks To Vote For Your Undeserving All-Stars

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Check out this email MLB sent out today, urging you to vote for the close races in the All-Star Game! Yes, there is a tight race at shortstop between Jimmy Rollins (a career high 187 OPS+) Hanley Ramirez (a mere 124 OPS+). Oh, right, Rollins has also been on the DL twice already and has only played in 12 games.

Look, I'm all for fans voting hilarious people into the All-Star Games -- I vote for Mike Schmidt at third base every year in the NL -- but should MLB really be advertising that its fans have put last year's runner-up for the NL MVP in a tie with a guy who has not really played this season?

In other news, be sure to vote for your favorite between Ryan Braun, Jason Heyward Jayson Werth and andRe Ethier.

A Hank's Root Beer to Phony Gwynn for the tip.

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I blame the inevitable NL lose on any Phillies hitter that makes the All-Star team.

In my email I pointed out the Rollins and "R." Ethier things, but I just noticed something that irks me even more: since when is "shortstop" two words? What is this, 1907?

Also, don't forget to vote for Teixeira and his awesome 0.226 BA.

Ok, the only thing that upsets me about the voting process is that people who vote on the Hall of Fame still use # of AS appearances as criteria.

What if a guy at the end of his great career gets 3 or 4 extra all star appearances because fans don't know any better? Now he has 12 appearances instead of 8.

My point is, either stop letting fans vote, or stop using all star appearances as criteria. And start putting watermelon in your beer.

You sound way too lucid, Hammer. Mail me some of your pharmies.

I like this plan, but not nearly enough people would ever get behind it mainly because it favors the NL. If we could all band together to make both sides equally shitty, maybe we'd be on to something.

Also, it amuses me to no end that because the general populace is mostly comprised of dimwitted homers, many are actually asking to have our voting rights taken away. Seems un-American.

The BWAAAAA is just as clueless as the fans when it comes to voting for shit.

The BWAAAA has access, BC. Ok? They eat in the press box and are sometimes tolerated by players. They are MORE than qualified.

Kris, never. I love these things more than I love Matt Stairs.

To be fair, I also eat in the press box semi-regularly nowadays.

What's funny, BCTF, is they actually did a pretty decent job with the 2005 awards, except for Johan getting robbed of the Cy Young.

I am sorry. That link was supposed to bring you right to the AL Cy Young from that year


Here is another one they have continued to screw up on

What upsets me about the voting process is that no one takes into account "gamerness and salary... vote Aaron Rowand. But seriously though, vote Juan Uribe for short stop.

I look forward to Miguel Cabrera being left off the team for some random Yankee/Red Stocking.

Daniel Nava, no doubt.

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