Ozzie Guillen Is Mad As Hell, But He's Probably Just Going To Take It

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Ozzie Guillen's son Ozney (Mama, there goes that name again!) was, by some accounts, a pretty well regarded lefty outfielder eligible for his first amateur draft this week. While "the family anticipated he could be drafted as high as the 10th round" he actually slipped all the way to the 22nd round where he was chosen by, surprise, the White Sox.

The Guillen family has done a spectacular job over the past year or two of acting unbecoming whenever they're in the spotlight. There was that whole Twitter fiasco from Oney which led to his resignation from the White Sox organization. So you're not really shocked that Ozzie and his kid are saying grating stuff about yesterday's draft slide are you?

A source said that Major League Baseball recommends that no player drafted after the 10th round receive a signing bonus of more than $125,000.

"I give my kid 50 grand just to go to school," the elder Guillen said. "I got 50 grand in my pocket to send my kid to go to Niketown or buy something. I don't need the money. But I respect scouts. I respect the scouts' opinion with all my heart.

"I think the 22nd round in high school doesn't mean anything," Ozzie Guillen said. "I think the White Sox did what I told them ... I don't need any favors or he doesn't need any favors. In the meanwhile, it's kind of hard. His expectations, not mine, were a little higher. He thought he was a little better player than what other people think."

Well, okay. Maybe only the part about the $50K was grating and the second part was kind of sad. But take heart, Oz. You can go to USF and get another chance to prove your mettle as a ballplayer as long as you don't gain 30 pounds of margarita muscle in Ybor City. It's not like there's some sort of conspiracy against you or anything.

OR IS THERE? Sun-Times beat writer Joe Cowley thinks Ozney's slide to the 22nd round is just part of the escalating "Cold War" between Ozzie Sr. and Ken Williams. But let's not forget that Joe Cowley looks like this so take everything with a grain of salt.

One of them has to go. It's time for White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to step in and decide which.

The struggle between general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen was cute at first. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

Guillen's youngest son, Ozney, was selected by the Sox in the 22nd round of the baseball amateur draft Tuesday.

Feel-good story? Try a slap in the face filled with conspiracy theory.

Don't think the Guillens have missed the fact that Williams' son, Kenneth Williams Jr., was selected in the sixth round of the 2008 draft in what ESPN's Baseball Draft Insider Keith Law described as "the worst pick of the day."

At least one of the Guillens -- tweeting brother Oney -- made it clear why he thought Ozney slid.

"And u told people to stay awya (sic) from him. U would," Oney Guillen tweeted Tuesday, obviously accusing members of the Sox organization of trying to sabotage Ozney's draft placement.

None of this smacks as much as friction and conspiracy as much as it does Cowley and other Sox writers digging up spicy quotes from Ozzie, which has to be the easiest task in American journalism, to jumpstart their coverage of a lousy team. And Oney is just bored or paranoid or drunk or all three. That guy is a real man of letters.

You wanna know how to do this? I begrudgingly point you to Jim Leyland whose son Patrick got taken in the 8th round this week by the Tigers.

Jim Leyland said he was "absolutely thrilled" and he "never pushed anybody" to select his son.

"He can stand on his own two feet," said Leyland, adding anyone who thinks his son was drafted as a favor would be "foolish."

The elder Leyland said he's not sure what his son will do. He said he told teams, including the Tigers, "if you like him, take him; if you don't, don't take him."

He also called this "a moment of truth" for his son.

"You're on your own, son," Leyland said. "Be a man now. Go out and see if you can play."

Next time Oney Guillen sits down to Tweet his monosyllabic sad sack drivel, I want Jim Leyland to burst into his room like the Kool-Aid man and smack his head.

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Did you just say you want Jim Leyland to sack tap Oney Guillen in the face?

Where have you been Kris? Sack tapping is an increasing pandemic!

OBGYN: "Congratulations, it's a boy!"
MRS LEYLAND: "We will name him, Patrick."
JIM LEYLAND: "Doc, what's that--jaundice?"
OBGYN: "Nicotine stains."
JL: "Whew. That's a relief. Ok guys, gotta run. Have a 2:00 tee time with Rene Lachemann."

Don't tell them Ybor City got Ozney Guillen again

Also...didn't the Giants draft Bochey's son?

I can't quite make out what their shirts say down the side, but I think it might be "TURKEY WITH PROVOLONE."

You know what that troglodyte Joe Cowley needs to do: write more single-sentence paragraphs. Prose before hoes, guy in the douchey hat!

This must be an AL central thing because Toby Gardenhire is plays AAA Rochester in the Twins system. He is 27 years old and has a career .563 ops in the minors. He has always been old for the level he has played it. He is a poor, poor man's Nick Punto with less speed and less utility.

There hasn't been a Morning Cup of Joe since May 23. (What, was it too taxing to write?) My best guess is he couldn't take the criticism; the piece has one comment, which is: "for this I waste a click and the time it took to bring up that garbage. Nevergoing to waste and more time Joe." Ohh, BURN!

BC, Another piece in your "AL Central, It's Nepotastic!" puzzle: Detroit Tigers assistant GM and VP Al Avila and his son, catcher Alex Avila.

And don't even get me started on Cal "Legacy Inductee" Ripken Jr.

Dmac, please photoshop Leyland on Koolaid man!


I've been to two Red Wings games so far this season and I haven't seen Toby Gardenhire take the field at all... probably because he's a homeless man's Nick Punto.

It's not an AL Central gimmick, it's a "Baseball everywhere" thing. There are 50 (!) rounds where approximately 1500 players are drafted, in which MAYBE 8% of them will ever see a minute of big-league ball. So it's no problem to throw your manager, or VP, or eldest hot dog vendor a bone by drafting his kid (particularly when the dude you would otherwise be drafting probably won't be any better or worse). Best-case scenario - you get a talented kid with lifetime access to Major-League caliber coaching. Worst case scenario, you wind up with Ted Williams, Jr.


You dope, his name is John Henry Williams, and he wasn't drafted.

Wasn't Mike Piazza picked in exactly this manner?

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