Populist Beer Pitchman Meets Sadsack Beat Blogger

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If there's one thing in the world that could cheer up Mariners beat writer Geoff Baker, it's an interview with the jolly Cee-Lo lookalike Windell Middlebrooks, who you might recognize from his numerous TV spots. Yes, he portrays the sassy Miller High Life deliveryman who travels from posh spot to posh spot to 'reclaim' the low-end beer from folks he deems too fancy to consume said swill. I suppose Windell's character is like a chubby Robin Hood who robs piss beer from the rich to give to thirsty hipsters.

Anyway, good for Windell to give back to the community and raise some cash at Miller Park so that our war veterans can go to NASCAR races, or something. Good on Geoff Baker for zooming in so close to our hero's face, too.

(via Geoff Baker's Twilight Fan Blog Mariners Blog)

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I met Windell in a non-pitchman setting last year. Super-nice dude.

Also, Miller High Life Light is fantastic.

/waits for the scorn

The only cool things about Miller High Life are (a) this dude and (b) the little pequeno bottles that Juancho brought to the 2009 HEIST.

Otherwise? I'd rather drink fermented horse urine.

It's the champagne of beers.

The sleek High Life bottles make for a smoother pour down my gullet.

This guy anchors what are the only "funny" mainstream beer ads that don't make me want to kill myself out of shame for my species. For that, he is a true hero.

stay out of those Brooklyn bars, yeasty pee is bad -
/ go America

"Little pequeno bottles"? Who knew Guy Clark spoke Spanish. When taking my beer in a shorty I prefer: http://www.littlekingsbeer.com/main.html

High Life rules. Rob is like a soccer mom that discovered Blue Moon.

Light beer makes no sense.

Nor do Canadians (-iens?).

High Life isn't a light beer. High Life Light is, however.

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