Regional Weekend: Don't Die Twice

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omaha.jpgIt's Regional Weekend in the 2010 NCAA Postseason Baseball Tourney, there was already a bunch of action yesterday. Some of the more intriguing stuff:

  • Perennial powerhouse Rice got straight up blanked by Zach Osbourne of Lousiana-Lafayette. (Insert tired Ozzy related nickname here) threw a CG 5 hitter dodging in and out of jams. ULL needed the gem as they squeaked by 1-1. Rice gets Rider today in an elimination game.

  • The Citadel whomped up on Virginia Tech behind a couple well-timed tots and will take on South Carolina in one of college sports most storied intrastate rivalries. Not really. But it still illustrates the big guy/little guy upset possibilities that are way more frequent in college baseball (and hockey) than basketball or football.

  • Despite trailing 2-1 all the way through the fifth inning (postseason Nole baseball!) The Seminoles Of Florida State tossed Central Connecticut 11-3, leading to today's showdown with Oregon. The Ducks dumped UConn 5-3 in weirdo fashion. They scored 3 runs in the ninth by leading off the inning with four straight bunts. If you watch enough college innings over the next couple weeks you will see some wild baseball stuff. Guaranteed.

  • And just a half hour after Florida State takes on Oregon, Florida plays Oregon State. I believe in symmetry. The Gators topped Bethune Cookman 7-3 at home before downing some El Indio. The Beavers beat Florida Atlantic 6-4.

  • Garrett Wittels extended his hitting streak to 55 games. Good news! But, his Florida International squad got peeslammed 17-3 by Texas A&M. The Aggies get the Miami Hurricanes today at 4. UM beat Dartmouth 12-8. That's a funny matchup. I love college baseball.
So yeah, plenty of good games today. Who knows, maybe there's a bar in your town that'll be playing the games or you even live by one of the stadiums. For all of you WoWies near Norwich, CT do me a favor and go out to support the Noles. I'll mail you a baseball card.

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I'm guessing the Duck's manager must've smoked four blunts before telling his boys to lay all those bunts down.

Wittels got another hit today against Dartmouth. 56 in a row.

This Dartmouth-FIU game is awesome. The announcers were screaming at each other over what the balk rule was, FIU dropped an easy inning-ending popup and then Dartmouth hit a grand slam on the next pitch.

How did perennial powerhouse Cal State Fullerton do yesterday? Just curious

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