Rickey Henderson Shills For Toronto Sports Talk Radio - 1993

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A TV commercial for a radio show? Why not. How else are we to bask in the glory of Bob McCown and his haircut that's more Canadian than a goddamned maple leaf? Rickey can't act but I bet you already knew that. Laugh along then tune into the Bob McCown show which I'm betting is still on the air somewhere because talk radio guys have longer half lives than plutonium. Please to enjoy.

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I'll pass.

Despite Mr. McCown's picture, it still loses to the Prom King of Chicago Sports Journalism.

Bob McCown! He spends his mornings on the radio and his afternoons taping episodes of "This Old House"!

For what it is worth, McCown is more than decent. He hosts the afternoon drive time show.

Also - he's American.

I just want to own Rickey's polo shirt. That thing is fly, as the homeboys say.

The ending to this commercial is as amazing as the one in The Sixth Sense.

I like Rickey's chuckle at the end. Like somebody's tickling his taint.

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