Roy Halladay Perfect Game Commemorative Bat (?) Now Available

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Finally! After weeks of waiting, there is an ugly item Phillies fans can all purchase to commemorate Roy Halladay's perfect game! And it's... a bat? Okay, sure, whatever.

I realize the (patriotic!) company's name is, but since they also sell Blackhawks jerseys and replica New York Yankee tickets, maybe they could figure out a way to sell a more appropriate product for a perfect game?

Oh! Maybe this is one of the bats the Phillies have been using for the past month. That'd make sense, then.

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Commemorative Bat (?)

Yup, that's a bat.

BigTimeBalls might be a more appropriate name for them considering they are trying to sell that ugly ass piece of crap for $99.95.

Something else for Meech to buy, to go along with the ticket purchased after the perfecto.

Announcer Guy said "Bat/Bats" NINE TIMES during the course of that ad.

My Ubaldo Jimenez batting helmet may arrive before my Gaslight Anthem preorder.

/ba dum dum

BigTimeBats is the same company that ran those commemorative bat commercials ad nauseum during the last 2 Phillies postseason runs. I think they ran them in NY and LA, too. Somehow, we have one at our office.

Still waiting for my Roy Halladay Perfect Game Commemorative Vuvuzela.


njp: They also had the Post Game Live crew shilling for them the past two years. For example, Mitch Williams in 2008.

I hope they at least got paid for their commercial endorsement during what was supposed to be a sports recap show. No, wait, no I don't. Ray Didinger wouldn't stand for this crap. (You notice when the other goofballs sing "Fly, Eagles, Fly," he keeps his mouth shut.)

Still waiting for my Roy Halladay Perfect Game Commemorative trip to the Bahamas



They most certainly got paid for their efforts. That's the most expensive kind of shilling, the on-air in-content kind.

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