The Future Began Yesterday: Draft Reactions From Bloggers

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Chances are that your favorite team had a first round draft pick yesterday (unless you support the Mariners, who traded their first round pick away for Cliff Lee and a basket of muffins). Chances are even better that someone who blogs about your favorite team has a strong opinion on said draft pick, whether favorable or unfavorable.

Heck, there's never a better time to get excited about a 19-year-old than draft day; once the dust settles, we'll all wring our hands about contracts and agents and potential and upside and Mark Prior.

To that end, let's take a gander at how some of the smarter writers (and others) around the baseball blogosphere are reacting to the chosen ones among their teams of preference:

Jamie Mottram on Bryce Harper, Nationals, #1: "Harper mostly played catcher this season for Southern Nevada, but he also saw time at third base and in the outfield. Once he signs his monster deal (hopefully in advance of August 15) it's to the low minors he'll go, where he'll work on playing right field. Watch out, Roger Bernadina."

Pat Lackey on Jameson Taillon, Pirates, #2: "Almost everyone seems to agree that Taillon has more talent than everyone in this draft not named Bryce Harper. I've seen other people say that the Pirates should draft Pomeranz or Sale because they're college pitchers and the Pirates need rotation help now. Any GM that uses that logic with the second overall pick should change his name to Dave Littlefield."

Rany Jazayerli on Christian Colon, Royals, #4: "Yeah, that wasn't expected. I really like Colon, but I just hope the Royals took him because they wanted him, not for financial reasons. Again: the Royals - or really any team drafting from this point on - should take the player they want. They don't sign? Bonus!"

Greg Prince on Matt Harvey, Mets, #7: "I wish him well. I wish to see him on the Mets before too long. Until then, Matt Harvey -- RHP, UNC -- is just a name to me, no more guaranteed of success than any of his first-pick Met predecessors. This young man could be Darryl Strawberry or Doc Gooden or Mike Pelfrey. Or he could be Steve Chilcott or Kirk Presley or Ryan Jaroncyk."

Lisa Gray on Delino DeShields, Jr., Astros, #8: "Oh - I forgot - his father played major league ball. Like that matters. People think that baseball players are like race horses or something. You think it matters? Remember our supplemental 1st rounder a couple years back - Eli Iorg? THAT worked out REAL good, dint it? (...) I hear that scouts think he gonna move to second base. Wonderful to have this basestealer who hits some singles playing second. AS THE FIRST ROUND PICK!!!"

Andrew Stoeten on Deck McGuire, Blue Jays, #11: "Projects to be an innings guy, says Gammons, but not a frontline guy. A safe pick. Not entirely surprising, but when you're a casual fan you never really want your team's first draft pick to have such a low upside. has a shitty scouting report on McGuire-- I mean, maybe it's accurate, but an autoplaying video? Fuck you."

Al Yellon on Hayden Simpson, Cubs, #16: "You can disagree with the pick; disagree with Tim Wilken's reasons for picking him; argue about whether the Cubs are being cheap or not. But when you giggle and guffaw like 12-year-olds over someone defacing Simpson's Wikipedia page (which I assume has been fixed and I will not repost here), insulting him and his family, that's where I draw the line. Real human beings with real feelings are involved. Families of Cubs minor leaguers, and I presume possible draft picks, read this site."

Bud Selig on Kolbrin Vitek, Red Sox, #20: "I haven't had a good bowl of Kolbrin Vitek since that barnstorming tour through Yugoslavia in '75. Sixto Lezcano caught dysentery, ho ho."

el duque on Cito Culver, Yankees, #32: "Good grief, Yankee blogs are good-hearted data-grabbers, but they have an Argentina-sized blindspot when it comes to the draft. Nobody knows nuthin. A video of some kid's swing not a scouting report. Still... Rochester! Raised on the mother's milk of Genny Cream! This we know: Great baseball name. Cito Culver. It follows up last year's great name, Slade Heathcott. Maybe the Yankees are assembling a team of Dickens characters."

Take a dose of irrational exuberance, add in a sprinkling of pessimistic clamoring, mix in a dollop of Internet vandalism, puree, and you've got the post-draft baseball blogosphere. Hey that's the same recipe for Martha Stewart's lemon squares!

(photo via Sean Keane and Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

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Christian Colon shits miracles.

Even though he isn't Brazilian, can we call DeShields "Delininho"?

there's never a better time to get excited about a 19-year-old

Clearly, Rob doesn't watch Modern Family.

Also, someone should let Greg Prince know that he missed the point of the draft.

I looks like Rob and Drew Magary think alike

Drew Magary calling someone a douche is in effect like pooping on poop

That's funny, pooping on poop was Christian Colon's first miracle. Just one more to sainthood! Come, on Christian, I know you can beat that child-rape-loving Polack John Paul.

No matter where that Mcguire kid is in the batting order people think he is up next

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