The Most Important Graphic You'll See During A Game This Year

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So, seventh inning, it's 6-2 but the Phillies kinda stink, so this one's far from over. What graphic do they put up on the screen? Baseball players named Chad! Obviously, I kinda love this, if only because Chad Billingsley reminds me of Peter Billingsley which reminds me of A Christmas Story, which I then kinda wanted to watch even though it's June. (Okay, so Chad Qualls reminds me of DJ Qualls, so it's not all good.)

It is interesting the Yankees have started a run on players named Chad. By 2020, the Yankees' roster will consist entirely of players named Chad, as part of a Neo-Murderers' Row that will dominate Red Sox, Rays and Blue Jays. (The Orioles will be contracted in 2015.) Zombie Henry Chadwick will be the team's manager.

Incidentally, the Phillies, helped by Chase Utley's voodoo magic, held on to win, 6-3. Chad Durbin played no part in the win, except maybe moral support.

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I also like that it's 'Players named 'Chad.'" Do you think all of these players have made-up, pro wrestling-style names?

How does a guy with a last name like Cordero end up with a first name like Chad?

Submariner Chad Bradford would have made this list, but nobody would sign him in the offseason. Without anyone to play for, he was just a hanging Chad.

Japanese Creampuffs are sweeter, more fragile
• RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka threw a long-toss session from 150 feet Wednesday afternoon, and his right forearm appeared to be feeling better ... Matsuzaka isn’t eligible to come off the 15-disabled list until June 24, but it appears that he will return to the rotation when his DL time is over.

Wait - Chad Cordero is back in the majors?

So if you name your son "Chad" he might become a major league player?
Is that how this works?

He'll either become a major leaguer or a Cubs fan.

Chad Smith > everyone on that list except maybe for Chad Billingsley

Not listed: Grammy-winning record producer Tchad Blake

Freetzy, your comment fills me with Irresistible Bliss.

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