This Guy Really, Really, Really Likes Darren O'Day

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Interleague series breed strange behavior in non-traditional rivalries, even in those that existed before Milwaukee switched leagues last decade. In this video, a lonely Texas fan professes his undying love for Rangers reliever Darren O'Day in Miller Park over and over again, much to the dismay of the lovely Brewers fans seated around him. Hearing this dude sing his horrid tune might actually be worse than those vuvuzelas.

I'm pretty sure this lout enjoys Darren O'Day because he is actually his long-lost cousin Charlie Day.

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I didn't know Trey Anastasio was a Rangers fan...

Odd, I sort of went out with that girl in the cast. BOOYAH!

I had to watch it again to find the cast
Had you said the upskirt girl...

Makes me want to pay for one of those commemorative inscribed bricks you can buy outside the stadium. I'd have it inscribed "O'Day Sucks". Then I'd come to the stadium at night with a crowbar and pry it lose, drive to this guy's house and bash his skull with it repeatedly.

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