Today's Afternoon Games

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There are many. One of which has already begun. Chat away.

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SWEET! Padres at Rays is on MLB Network.

Hairston Fever: catch it!

You wish you had a backup 1B stud like Oscar Salazar, Rob.

Ahhh, there's the old 1-2-3 Pads offense I know and love.

Well - bye bye lead, on an ugly FISTER.

Cleveland is making Joe Blanton look like a juggernaut today.

Joe Blanton's girth makes him look like The Juggernaut

I was kinda looking forward to another 700-degree afternooner in DC today, because I love heatstroke. It's all the fun of a hallucinogenic overdose and none of the cost!

If Milwaukee pulls off the sweep today maybe that can be the spring they need to get back into the NL Central Race. At the very least, they'll surpass the dreadful Cubs.

Speaking of fisters, sadly we will not have a Fister/Bush match-up this weekend in Milwaukee.

Joe Maddon argues a balk call and gets tossed like a salad.

I hesitate to say that the Phillies are back, simply because sweeping Cleveland is like trouncing a AAAA team.


I just recorded accordion for the next 30 Clubs in 30 Songs entry. You've been warned.

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