Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm free after 11.

  • WILL the Blue Jays fall (again) to the Rays and be the odd AL East team out (again) if the Red Sox and Yankees win their respective tilts?

  • IS it obvious when I'm just trying to bait Drew?

  • DID YOU ENJOY DMAC'S GLOG TODAY? How could you not have? Check out this wonderful piece he wrote for the Philly Weekly. He's as good at writing about drinking as I am at drinking.

  • WHO grabs rubber in the exciting Reds/Cards series?

  • WILL the Giants and Rockies combine for more than 4 runs? They haven't done it in either game so far this series.

  • ARE you headed to the Dodgers game on Friday? Get there early, our pals at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy say the first 20,000 fans are getting the above Loney/Blake poster. Outtasite!

Tonight I am off to the first of back to back evenings with The National, because I am a white guy in my late 20s. To be fair, I've been doing it since my early 20s, and I never cease to be excited. But hey, baseball games have been extra good the past week or so, haven't they? So you'll have a fun night, too. Till tomorrow, you Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. Same WoW channel.

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Gross, Kris is baiting drew.

Blake looks like a younger but still old Bret Favre

Photography for the above was done by John Soohoo. Glad to see that he avoided service in the Korean army, too.

I like The National a lot.

Sorry, I got nothing else.

I second Dmac's comment.

(plays "England"... again)

I am not a big Robert Redford fan but I thought the National was pretty good.

BCTF is opening for Bobby Lee at the Giggle Shack this Thu, Fri, and Sat. Late show on Saturday starts at 10 sharp.

Also, this is the best photoshop that I have seen in a long, long time.

It was better than your John Soohoo comment

I love that "Fake Empire" song, though I have no frigging clue how it got on my walkman.

Guys guys guys, there's no need to get snippy with one another! We all know this is going to end with BCTF posting a picture of somebody getting iced anyway.

Chief, that whole album is good (though some people overrate its greatness), I would recommend it.





Note: As a Tiger's fan, I am beyond pissed.

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