Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I was cutting off all my hair.

  • DOES Lou Pinella follow current events? I doubt it, considering he apparently planned a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico for his off day today. I hear there may or may not be a giant oil spill in that area.

  • WHAT should I be watching tonight instead of baseball? There's like three games on the teevee. Chris Capuano's big league return? Yeah, okay.

  • ARE you surprised that Bud Selig isn't overturning Jim Joyce's call to give Galarraga the perfect game?

  • HOW amazing is this story about reporter Alanna Rizzo getting hit by an overthrown ball during Rockies' batting practice?

  • WHY doesn't that article do a better job answering the many questions I now have about the situation? Who threw the ball? Why didn't anybody yell a warning? Did she fall down the dugout steps further adding to the hilarity? Would a male reporter have made the play? I DEMAND KNOWLEDGE!

That's all for today. Same WoW channel on the morrow.

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WHO is Alanna Wilson aka Alanna Rizzo?

Fixed, yeesh.

The fact that Isaac Brock is playing with lit cigarettes and the pack of camels is "casually" placed on the keyboard makes this so much better.

To touch on BCTF's point in an earlier thread regarding Thome being the steroid-free acitve HR leader...

Yup, totally clean. Naturally strong. Nothing to see here.

I am 50 pounds heavier than I was when I graduated high school. That doesn't mean I have been juicing it up.

I was really skinny in high school. So I am just slightly overweight not grossly overweight. Plus I am inch taller... that makes up for 30 of those pounds right?


I understand what you're saying, as an 18-year-old male hasn't come close to filling out his frame yet. Even so, you didn't have a financial incentive to add on those 50 lbs.

I have a teat. Can you milk me?

I am not ready to say anyone who has hit a lot of home runs in the last 20 years is a roider. If they haven't had a positive test or been named in any reports I will give them the benefit of the doubt. By all accounts Jim Thome is one of the good guys in baseball. I have liked him for a long time even though he has hit approximately 150 HR vs the Twins.

Your cherubic optimism is what keeps this great nation chugging along. I think (nay, KNOW) that the majority of dudes cheated in that time frame. And I don't really care. I think all the records should stand, all of the individual accolades should be upheld, and we should tar and feather all of the dumb ol' baseball writers who want to keep superstars out of the hall just because they admitted to participating in a legal activity.

Dmac has lost 30 lbs since drug testing started in baseball. Just sayin'.

Even the best need some help with that level of footnote production.

My dipshit friends were juicing in high school in the mid-late 90s. And they had no chance of even playing college ball. If they were juicing then, I assume that all pro athletes now are juicing.

As are all your mothers.

Every pro wrestler uses steroids, right? Because the outcome is predetermined nobody really cares so people are open about it. WWE tests now, I think, but drug tests aren't super hard to beat or schedule steroid cycles around.

So baseball players can probably also beat those tests, and so I guess a lot of them use.

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