Tonight's Questions

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  • WHERE will you be enjoying Stephen Strasburg's debut tonight? I'll be at my condo association meeting, watching the game on my iPhone.

  • WHICH Pirates hitter will sit dead red on a Stephen Strasburg fastball tonight and deposit it into the Red Porch? Money line says Andrew McCutchen but don't rule out Garrett Jones.

  • WHO will have the best pitching line tonight, Strasburg or the other young studs scheduled to pitch?

  • SERIOUSLY, could Armando Galarraga get another taste of perfection tonight? He gets to face another AL Central weak sister.

  • DOES it really matter at this point if Pete Rose's bat was corked? I say yes, it's always fun to pile on that cad.

Hope you've got enough ground beef in the fridge, Mary, because we're having Strasburgers for dinner tonight. I don't mean to be so contrarian but, as an official 2010 Pirates supporter, I'm probably rooting for the Bucs to upset the apple cart a bit tonight. I'm sure Washington will understand.

Game time is 7PM EDT and you can watch it on MLB Network, the MLB At-Bat app for iPhone, or MASN, if you live within the magical beltway. Not so fast, residents of Strasburg, VA.

See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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I'm probably rooting for the Bucs to upset the apple cart a bit tonight. I'm sure Washington will understand.


wait that didn't come out right

Mike Staunton, Virginia, can go take a long walk off a short pier too.

+1 freetzy. Simply divine, will laugh again.

If someone could call me at 7PM and remind me to watch the game on my iPhone and/or TV, that would be great. I got a new number for the occasion, 1-877-BIG-STUD. I can't imagine anything going wrong with my plan.

Nick, I just called the number to pass along an early reminder, and before I could even mention the game some guy offered to give me a ride home from work. God closes a door...

Hmmm. Signals must be crossed. Try again. Have your credit card handy.

Just make sure your Kombucha has settled before you crack it open for Strasburg's first pitch! Don't wanna make a mess!11!

Kombucha? Isn't that a Jewish marriage contract?

Just a heads-up that the Strasburg debut is streaming live on, so you need neither a tv nor an iPhone to take part in this collective spiritual cleansing.

Update: Live lookie-loos, only when Strasburg is on the bump. So, it's a super-ghetto way to watch, but do whatcha gotta do.

I had a migraine earlier today, but the nausea and throbbing pain in my head have abated as we get closer to StrasJesus' first pitch.

Nearer my God to thee, indeed.

My pants are full of Kombucha.

Lastings Milledge was just made to look like a European circus clown.


The fan who caught Delwyn Young's homer off Strasbanger threw it all the way back to the infield (albeit, with the roll). Still, pretty impressive. Also impressive? Young eating Strasbizzle for lunch.

That. Was perhaps the most dominating performance I have ever seen.

I'm only 20, so I missed your more recent big name pitchers, so this is my Roger Clemens and pitchers of that type.

I hadn't seen him actually pitch until today and those pitches are monstrous. The break is ridiculous. You watch any other game, any other pitcher, you can barely see anything. The fact that batters were leaning out of the way about a good 10 feet before the ball reached home plate was insane.

And then his next start he blows out his arm and it gets eaten by a pack of wolves that run onto Jacob's field.


Staton wasn't bad tonight, either. Sure, the Fishies lost, but a 3-hit, 2-run game in one's major league debut is nothing to sneeze at.


StrasJesus was a damn good game.

Bob Costas was commentating so I got the image in my head of Mr. Costas performing fellatio on StrasJesus the way he was talking about him.

Costas is at the point where his incessant fawning and poetic dramatization of every insignificant moment makes the games that he calls almost unwatchable. It's as if someone washed George Will and put him in the dryer.

I'm a convert. Simply amazing, and anyone who says "it was just the Pirates" can go shit in their hat. The Pirates simply don't strike out 14 times on a regular basis, now do they?

Pittsburgh actually strikes out less than the NL average. Kid is good. But call me when he pitches against a team with a Pythag record better than 16-41. No, seriously, let me know, that will be much more interesting to watch.

The Phillies, incidentally, have the third fewest strikeouts in the league. They clearly need to return to the from of 2008 and 2009, when they struck out much more.

I did not know Tim Kurkjian was capable of human emotion?

I thought stoic non-interest was his only attribute.

I still hope they find a family of Japanese tourists in Strasburg's freezer.

He was absolutely amazing. Electric, dominating, ridiculous stuff.

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