Tonight's Questions

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That'll do, pigs. Thanks to the good folks at Ted Williams Head for the horrifyingly funny Marco Scutaro tribute song. Yeesh. Enjoy sports tonight, as you should do every night. Until tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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I went to the ESPN Zone in Chicago once... and I don't get how people enjoyed that experience. I mean, I like to eat in front of the TV as much as the next guy, but that place was SENSORY fucking OVERLOAD. My tinnitis-ridden dad was absolutely miserable in there...

Great use of that 1985 Phil Collins classic.

/thinking half of the WoWies here weren't born yet in 1985

WHO you got in the second most important game on Broad Street as Philly hosts the Marlins?

I'll take the storm clouds at 3-1. Steady rain right up until game time, at which point we can expect more showers after 8. Not wanting to waste a Halladay start + Flyers game next door + mutually open date at the end of a September series in Philly = rain out likely.

The Phillies Weather Tweets would have me think otherwise.

Walkoff Walk: Your home for overly confident and equally incorrect prognostication from anonymous commenters!

Fun fact: Marco Scutaro once threw a chainsaw down a spiral staircase and killed a prostitute.

When I was 20, I got shitfaced at the Times Square ESPNZone, so I loved them.
I think the night ended with me yelling "God Damn Sports Reporters! RIGHT THERE!" That will teach them to sell to underage kids.

njpanick: It's been postponed. Aw, now we don't get to see the "Prefect game rematch."

VINDICATED. No Phils game tonight. FUCKIN A.

Halladay-Johnson II: The Reckoning will have to wait.


I think the headmaster from Paul VI is playing chess against Cardinal Rigali at 8PM, so maybe the Prefect Rematch is still on.

I've eaten at the ESPN Zone in Vegas a couple times. First time: got a free beer because they had to change the tap after only giving me half a glass. Second time: long wait. IT WAS INEVITABLE!

I am sure they will start tomorrow. Too bad they didn't do a DNDH. That would be a great opportunity for an impromptu glog

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