Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, mob mentality.

  • HOW will Kris fare as he puts his money where his mouth is and ventures out to join the crowd protesting the Diamondbacks? Wish him luck and set Google Alerts for news stories involving a man in a Garfield t-shirt if you haven't done so already.

  • WILL you be watching the Sabathia/Halladay matchup this evening? Doesn't get much better than that on paper.

  • OR would you rather watch the other top-flight starters taking the hill this evening like David Price, Josh Johnson, Brett Cecil and Johan Santana?

  • ARE you surprised that the OriLOLes first basemen are hitting worse than some team's entire pitching staff? Boy, that's emasculating.

  • WOULD you ever commit a crime barefoot? This guy almost did and will be near impossible to identify if he actually puts shoes on.

Same WoW channel tomorrow.

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I am assuming you are using "crowd" very loosely. Like two is company and three is a crowd. I can’t imagine that there are that many nut jobs in Boston

At least one editor around here puts his money where his mouth is.

Also, why would you not want to catch the thrilling matchup between Jeff Suppan and Ryan Rowland-Smith? Ah screw it, I'll find something else to do.

Bronx Applebees woo! It's like I'm home again.

Get a tall domestic beer and some sizziling fajitas for me.

Have faith, BCTF. They drew huge crowds for the anti-bussing rallies in the 70's.

You, sir, underestimate Boston. That is a city loaded with nutjobs.

That is a city loaded with nutjobs.
BTW - NY DOUCHEEE, NAVA is an outfielder, not a pitcher

I stand by my earlier commentary: Since there's revenue sharing in baseball, if you want to boycott the Diamondbacks, you really need to boycott every team.

I guess you can watch pirated feeds of games on ATDHE, though.

Were about 100 people there, BC. And only half of them had slept with your wife.

DMac, stick your semantics. The Snakes' owners aren't getting rich off of revenue sharing.

That's impossible; my wife is only attracted to productive people that actually serve a purpose on our society

Yes, because working all day then going out afterward to exercise your right to speak out against a law you don't believe in is totally unproductive. What'd you do after work yesterday?

Every time you make a comment you sound dumber.

I worked out, went grocery shopping and played with my daughter while watching the Twins game. I think it was a pretty good evening.

I love when libs get all high and mighty when you "exercise your right to speak out" like you are saving the world but when someone else exercises their rights to speak against you, you turn into whiny little bitches.

LIBS! Ha. Do people actually say that in Minnesota? Is it like a "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" thing?

It's a lot shorter than what I wanted to type.

You haven't "spoken against me" at all. In fact, you said protesting is unproductive. You make no salient points. You've said nothing except called me a nutjob and whiny bitch on the computer.

If you want to think that's the same thing as going out and joining a demonstration then I'm not sure we're even arguing on the same planet.

What blog is this? AynRandBall?


No, I said people who protest a law at a baseball game are nut jobs. You are the one who made a personal attack on my wife on the computer because I questioned the sanity of people protesting an AZ law at a baseball game in Boston. How does this help your cause?

I was trying to speak your language. It's not my native tongue.

But you're right (for the first time ever). Internet 101 says that these discussions don't help anyone.

Where does this hatred come from? Are you mad because your Sox are in third place? Is it the whole Greece going bankrupt thing? Or, do you feel cheated because your savior of “Hope and Change” is nothing but “business as usual” in Washington?

I've never been a big Obama fan. Look it up. My hatred comes from you saying things like "business as usual." Go back to talking about Smirnoff Ice so I can go back to ignoring you.

You should stop being such a bitter, hateful guy and go back to being witty and funny like you used to be.

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