Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, these aren't usually song lyrics.

  • GOT your eye on the White Sox? They've won 12 of 13 and are making a legitimate run at salvaging their season. Ozzie lives again! They'll try for 9 in a row against the Braves?

  • WILL the Red Sox drop another game in Colorado? Chances are good with Roxbaldo Jimenez on the mound.

  • HOW bout that soccer game today? I saw the winning goal on my lunchbreak. Good timing.

  • WHY are the Dodgers having so much trouble in the 2010 Freeway Series?

  • HOW will Edwin Rodriguez fare in his first game as Marlins manager? They're playing Tampa.

  • WHY do Marlins managers always have jockey names?

  • WAS that racist?

  • WILL Barry Zito and the Giants enjoy the fruits of intraleague play against the Astros?
I saw Phish last night. I still like to check in on them and the old hippie diaspora every couple of years. They were great. But I was mostly a zombie today. Rob done good. Back tomorrow. I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand. Same WoW channel.

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WHY have the Giants decided to play down to the Astros' level tonite? Not that far to drop, actually. Blech.

WHEN will Kris learn to actually look at the links he posts?

/Marlins-O's, Pads-Rays

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